Booking an appointment with our Consultant Urologists


If you are a case manager looking for the services of a Consultant Urologist, or a patient who requires a

medico-legal report, The Consultants at The Shire Clinics can help. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail by calling 01242 437537 or emailing info@theshireclinics.co.uk

Fees for medico-legal urology appointments


At the Shire Clinics, we would be happy to accept Urological Medicolegal instructions. This work is usually complicated and time-consuming and therefore incurs an increased scale of fees compared to self-funding rates. These will be agreed with the instructing company prior to the work being undertaken.

Medico-legal appointment :£375

Includes notification of appointment, appointment, examination of patient and summary of appointment. Does not include cost of any diagnostics or other investigations. Does not include time spent examining previous medical records or a detailed medical report.

Medico-legal reports - To be agreed with solicitor

  • Please note, all appointments must be in-clinic – we do not offer home visits

  • We do not take on medical negligence cases