Booking an appointment with our Consultant Urologists

If you are experiencing abnormal urological symptoms, or have been referred by a doctor to see a Urology Consultant, please book an appointment by calling 01242 437537 or emailing info@theshireclinics.co.uk


Insurance information for your urology appointment


You will need to get a referral from your GP if you are using private health insurance. Your health insurance provider will require this to provide authorisation for your appointment.  


We will need:

  • Policy Number

  • Pre-authorisation code for the consultation

Please see below the insurers that we are registered with and able to accept. If you are with another insurer not listed, please call us to discuss this.

It is important to check with your insurer that you are covered for your consultation and any diagnostic tests before your appointment. We will need your pre- authorisation code prior to your appointment. We can provide quotations for procedures or provide procedure codes upon request.  If your insurer does not cover the full treatment, or will not cover the out-patient appointment, we ask that you cover the cost of this prior to the appointment.  

If after your visit to The Shire Clinics you need a hospital procedure, we will provide you with procedure codes/quote for the procedure for you to get pre-authorisation from your insurance company. Your insurer will then be invoiced directly for the Consultant’s fee. The hospital will bill your insurers directly for the hospital fee (and anaesthetist where required).