Booking an appointment with our Consultant Urologists

If you are experiencing abnormal urological symptoms, or have been referred by a doctor to see a Urology Consultant, please book an appointment by calling 01242 437537 or emailing info@theshireclinics.co.uk


Self-funding fees for your urology appointment


There are many reasons people choose to see a private consultant.


These include:

  • Long waiting lists for your treatment

  • You need a diagnosis, fast

  • The procedure you need isn’t available on the NHS in your area

  • You need to clarify your condition or want a second opinion


Self-funding prices at the Shire Clinic are:


Consultation prices:

  • Initial consultations:  £200

  • Follow up consultations:  £160


Diagnostic prices:

  • Urinary Analysis:  £15

  • Uroflow:  £100

  • Ultrasound of the abdomen & pelvis (urinary tract):  £250

  • Ultrasound of the male genitalia (testicular USS):  £200

  • Flexible Cystoscopy (endoscopic exam of bladder) :  £995


Please note: If any diagnostic procedures, pathology or cytology are required, they will be quoted prior to your appointment. If any extra tests are required on the day, these will be discussed with you.

A referral from your GP is not essential if you are self-funding, however if you have seen your GP or another physician regarding your condition, a letter from them would be useful to provide background information on your symptoms.